Bellemain 1000 Watt Stainless Steel Centrifugal Juicer Bonus 1 Quart Pitcher

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Bellemain believes that your juicing life will be more successful if the juicing process itself is made easier. That's why convenience and efficiency are built into every step, from feeding the feed tube to cleaning up afterwards.

Large 3.3" Diameter Feed Tube Accommodates Whole Fruits/Vegetables
Why waste time pre-chopping? The Bellemain's feed tube is large enough to accept many types of produce whole, such as apples, pears and beets, so you can have your juice in seconds.

Powerful, 2-Speed Motor Extracts Maximum Juice
The Bellemain's big, 800 watt motor operates with a high-efficiency centrifugal action that extracts the maximum amount of juice, fiber and nutrients. In fact, you'll probably be surprised at how little pulp goes into the waste compartment compared to many other brands. Choose from two speeds for hard or soft fruits.

Heavy-Duty Construction for Safety and Longevity ... Guaranteed
Inside the handsome, stainless steel housing is a solid workhorse with metal locking arms that hold parts securely in place even during heavy juicing operations. The stainless steel filter is equally durable, plus it's easy to clean with a quick brush-up and rinse. An overheat protector adds another level of safety. And the whole unit is backed by a ___ year warranty.

10.5-Cup Pulp Compartment Is Easy to Remove
Convenience is also built into the pulp compartment. Not only is it generously sized so that you don't have to constantly stop and empty it, it's also easy to take off when it does get full. In fact, all the juicer's removable parts have been designed for quick disassembly, so you don't have to spend as long cleaning up as you did juicing.

Bonus 1 Quart Pitcher
The Bellemain Juicer comes with an acrylic pitcher that fits under the dispensing tube so you can juice directly into it. Then just snap on the lid and store it in the refrigerator.


  • Large 3.3" diameter feed tube accommodates whole fruits/vegetables
  • High-efficiency motor with 2 speeds for hard and soft fruits, extracts maximum juice and nutrients
  • Heavy-duty construction with locking stabilizer arms, stainless steel filter and overheating auto shutoff
  • Easy to clean, 10.5-cup pulp compartment
  • Includes 1 quart acrylic serving/storage pitcher and 2 year warranty


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