Linenspa Dreamer 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress, Queen

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With the Linenspa Dreamer mattress, you can effortlessly achieve your dream of sleeping comfortably through the night. This incredibly plush mattress is made up of springs, comfort foam, and gel infused memory foam to create the perfect blend of superior support and delightfully soft comfort. Gel infused memory foam helps regulate temperature while wrapping you up to relieve pressure point aches and align the spine. At the same time, durable individually wrapped steel coils respond to your body weight to provide customized and lasting support. This mattress is the perfect upgrade for your master bedroom, guest room, or anywhere else you anticipate falling asleep. Get ready to achieve sleep greatness. 

  • Advanced hybrid design combines a spring base with a memory foam top for maximum comfort  
  • Thick memory foam layer creates a plush mattress great for side, back, and stomach sleepers 
  • Plush memory foam conforms to your shape as you sleep to help relieve pressure points  
  • Cool gel infusions help maintain a comfortable temperature while you sleep  
  • Mattress is compressed and shipped in a convenient-carry box right to your front door  
  • 10-year limited warranty protects against manufacturer defects  


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