Milliard Raclette Grill for Four People, Includes Reversible Non-Stick Grilling Surface, 4 Paddles and Spatulas – Great for a Family Get Together or Party

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Say Cheese!
No ingredients inspire more meals worldwide than cheese or chocolate, and the Swiss are premier pioneers in both, so it's no wonder that raclette originated from the French border of Switzerland hundreds of years ago. Farmers and herdsman would make a meal by melting cheese by their campfire or hearth, and then scrape the melted portion onto bread, potatoes, and/or pickles. Since a fire pit would make a mess in your kitchen, Milliard offers the Raclette Grill for Four for elegant tabletop dining.

Raclette? You Bet!
Our raclette grill is versatile and easy to use! Just set it up, choose the flat or grilled cooking surface for your meats and veggies, and cheese goes underneath in four little pans called coupelles. They hold cheese slices under the heated grill to melt, and the non-stick coating lets melted cheese slide right onto your dish. Sound a little like fondue? It is! Raclette is also about relaxed dining, so set up your grill among friends with some hors d' oeuvres and drinks, just like you would with a fondue pot.

Same Old Cheddar
One can only have so much macaroni & cheese or so many grilled cheese sandwiches before they get boring. Make mealtime a little more fun and exotic with a bit of raclette! Having a family get-together? Friends' night in? Netflix and chill? Skip the chips and serve up something fresh. After all, fifty-million Frenchmen can't be wrong!

Product Features
• Compact design fits well on countertops or small dining spaces(tables)
• Reversible grill top with flat side and grilled side
• Four cheese pans/paddles for personalized servings
• Grill top and cheese pans are non-stick coated for convenient plating and easy cleanup
• Adjustable temperature knob for accurate cooking
• Power status light is a visible safety measure
ETL Certified


  • Make a new kind of cheese dish with our raclette grill. Cook up meats, veggies, seafood, and more with melted cheese - all in one unit!
  • Simple and portable social dining that lets everyone pick what they want from the grill and drizzle their cheese on top, or just dip their items in their cheese pan.
  • Non-stick surfaces allow for more sliding and less swearing while plating your cheese and grilled items. Reversible grill top has a flat side and a grilled side for getting just the right sear on your food.
  • Adjustable grill temperature is ideal for versatile cooking options, and a visible indicator light makes sure you don't forget to turn your grill off when you're done. Grill top and coupelles are dishwasher safe.
  • Includes the raclette unit, grill top, and four cheese pans. Unit measures 12½x8½x4½in with 8¼x8¼in grilling surface. Input: 120V 60Hz 600W / ETL Certified


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