Nutri Bullet N12-1301A Lean, Silver


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Equipped with a 1200-watt power base and automated "macro blast cycle" plus accessories geared towards creating perfectly portioned meals, snacks, and macro blast smoothies, NutriBullet lean is a system of tools developed to facilitate weight loss via optimal nutrition. Every accessory included in the nutribullet lean system is designed to help you portion out the proper amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats in each smoothie, meal, and snack you prepare. The set includes two measured 32-oz colossal Cups that mark the exact amount of greens, fruits, fats, and "boosts" to add to your smoothie, plus the "portion perfect" plate divider, measuring spoons, and the 7-day transformation plan, which provides the meal plans, recipes and information you need to achieve your weight loss goals.


  • 15-piece set
  • 1200-Watt motor
  • 6 unique Weight loss support tools included
  • 7 day transformation plan
  • Blast off bag


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