NutriGrill Electric Grill and Steamer: Healthy Smokeless Cooking BBQ Grill with Accessories, Portable Mini Grill with Nonstick Ceramic Surface and Steamer

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The Nutrigrill brings ancient Asian cooking methods like Thai and Korean barbecue into your home. It's a fun, easy, and delicious way to bring dinner to the next level. Craft high-protein, low-carb, and vegetable rich meals in minutes, all without the mess of an outdoor grill.

Our indoor electric griddle produces no smoke, only steam. However, that doesn't mean you won't capture the delicious flavors and aromas of your backyard bbq grill. Powered by electricity, its non-stick cooking surface makes it easy to cook a huge variety of meats. It's paired with a moat that's perfect for creating flavorful sides.

Cook with confidence knowing that the Nutrigrill's durable multi-temperature ceramic cooktop is safe and easy to clean. It's surrounded by a solid stainless steel body, base, and handles, so it's sure to last for years to come. The cooktop heats to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, while the surrounding moat cooks up to 300 degrees.

Fondue and other social meals can be a lot of fun, but they're rarely healthy. The Nutrigrill brings social eating to the next level. It starts with a 13 inch cooking surface, which can be enlarged by adding an expander ring. This gives you plenty of room for 6-8 guests to gather around and grill up dinner. And because its bottom stays cool, you'll never have to worry about setting it right on the table.

Who says healthy eating can't be fun? The Nutrigrill makes creating healthy dinner masterpieces easy and satisfying. Each package includes all the bbq accessories you need to bring your favorite recipes to life, including stainless steel chef tongs, stainless steel eating tongs, a cleaning brush, and a steamer attachment.

Our portable grill is backed by a no hassle, one-year manufacturer warranty. If you're not thrilled with the food it creates, just let us know. Don't wait to see how easy and fun it can be to eat healthy: try the NutriGrill and Steamer Set today.


  • UNIQUE TWO TIER COOKING SYSTEM: A 13 inch cooking grill pairs with a surrounding moat. Cook your favorite meats on the smokeless grill while using the moat to create mouth-watering sides. With a max grill top temperature of 400 degrees fahrenheit, you'll get the results you want every time.
  • NON-STICK COOKING: The ceramic non-stick cooking surface is made with the latest eco-friendly and health conscious materials. Cook healthy, delicious meals with confidence knowing that your tools are PFOA and PTFE free.
  • EXPANDED COOKING CAPACITY: The included Nutrigrill Steamer Set cooktop expander ring allows you to load more food directly on the grill, increasing its grilling capacity, while steaming food with its unique steam flow design.
  • FAST AND HEALTHY: Cook healthy food that is unexpectedly delicious, all in a snap. This professional grade smokeless indoor grill cooks food to perfection in minutes. It's versatile, easy to use, and large enough to cook for a family of 6.
  • OUR GUARANTEE: The Nutrigrill is backed by a no hassle one-year manufacturer warranty.


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